Almost Everything You Should Know About BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE.

Note: This blog contents the trickys of changing sales order by calling BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE, and will be updated continuously, so if you have any questions or have any insights, please feel fee to leave a comments. We will update your valuable inputs to the blog


You can use this method to change or delete sales orders.
You can change header, item, schedule line and configuration data.
In general, note that you should:

  • Only specify fields that should be changed
  • Select these fields by entering an X in the checkboxes
  • Enter a U in the UPDATEFLAG field
  • Always specify key fields when changing the data, including in the checkboxes
  • The configuration is an exception here. If this needs to be changed, you need to complete it again fully.
  • Maintain quantities and dates in the schedule line data
  • Possible UPDATEFLAGS:
    U = change
    D = delete
    I = add


Code Snip-01

Code Snip-02

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