How to translate SAP/ABAP Dynpro text

When writing a traditional ABAP Dynpro program,  you may input the text manually on the screen layout, which is not refer to any ABAP dictionary field. In this case, if you are working on an international project, and your user logon to SAP with a different language than your language or the language you developed that program. so you need to translate the text to other languages.

Steps to translate ABAP Dynpro Texts

Run transaction code SE63, and go to the menu path:Translation->ABAP Objects->Short Texts

From the popup Object Type Selection(Object Groups) window, find the following hierarchy path:00 Meta Objects -> SCRT Screen Painter Texts (Meta)

Provide the program name, the screen number, the source and target language, then click Edit button. Now you find the text and translate.


Then you can edit and save your translation.

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