How to Transport SAP Report Variants

This document describe what’s SAP Report Variant, how to create and save a variant for a report, and also describe the detail step to assigning an existing variant to a transporting request so that to transport it from you development environment to QA testing or production systems

What is Variant

Variant is one SAP provided standard function of report program that allows user to save the selection criteria with a self-defined user friendly name.


How to Create a Variant

To create a variant, just click the save button from the application toolbar after you input your selection criteria from the selection screen.

Creating a new Variant
Creating a new Variant
  1. Provide the variant name
  2. And provide a meaningful description
  3. Then click the save button from the application toolbar.


How to Transport an SAP Report Variant

Sometimes we need to transport the variants along with the report, transaction to the production system, then you have to include the defined variant to a transport request.


1. Go to transaction code SE38 and enter the program name(❶), then select the option Variants(❷) and click button display.


2. On next screen, go to menu path Utilities -> Transport Request…



3. From the next screen, press execute button(❶).



4. The system will popup the following window to allow you select the variants that you want to transport(❶), then click the button Continue(❷) to process.

5. The system will popup the window to ask you fill the transporting request. Here now you can assign this variant to your transporting request.


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